DCA Instruments (stand 7)

DCA Instruments is a recognised leader in developing thin film deposition technology to support researchers who are looking to craft the latest high purity materials and devices.  Since 1989 we have been perfecting our Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), UHV Sputtering and vacuum architecture to deliver unique capabilities for research in compound semiconductors, oxides, magnetics and energy materials.  DCA Instruments continue to innovate with our unique range of tri-magnet array, high power UHV magnetrons and advanced sample manipulation optimised for our sputtering platforms.

Website: www.dca.fi

Email:   info@dca.fi

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More Resources:

Take an interactive 3D Tour of DCA M600 cluster system in Penn State’s MBE lab

Penn State MBE Lab (matterport.com)

Installation of DCA Instruments cluster tool at University of St Andrews

Key dates:

Abstract submission deadline: 

28 January 2022 [EXTENDED]

Early registration deadline:

15 February 2022

Registration deadline:

8 March 2022

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